The research department at CUPE BC wants to hear from all K-12 Sector custodians across the province about the working conditions that you face each day. They have developed a survey which will give them a better understanding of the issues that may be presenting difficulties in your work and/or personal life. CUPE BC wants to raise awareness and address these issues with employers across the province.

    You are the frontline expert workers in this area. Your input into this process will help paint a picture of what’s happening in BC schools.

    A report will be compiled and available to all CUPE members once the surveys have been returned and the data has been analyzed.

    It’s important to note that these surveys are ANONYMOUS.

    I have included enough surveys for your work location. If you have staff that work at more than one location, their survey will go to the location where they work the most hours (ie 7 hours at CD and 1 hour at PH – survey goes to CD). Once all surveys for your location are complete please return them in a sealed envelope addressed to CUPE 1091 and send them through the Friday school mail delivery


    If you require any assistance with the completion or collection of these surveys, or have questions please do not hesitate to call me (604) 312-7595

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