Education Workers at York University Rally for a Fair Deal

Following five months of fruitless negotiations, Contract Faculty, Teaching Assistants, and Graduate Assistants at York University rallied for a fair deal today with campus and community allies in York University’s Vari Hall.

These education workers are members of Local 3903 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 3903). Their contract expired on August 31, 2017.

With a strike deadline of March 5 looming, CUPE 3903 is calling for public support for a fair deal.

Carleton University staff take a stand to defend pensions

Determined to stand up for Canadians’ right to security in retirement, staff at Carleton University are preparing to take job action in defense of their pension plan.

“Canadians know that they can no longer take their pensions for granted; workers everywhere, from Sears to Stelco, can attest to that,” said Jerrett Clark, president of Local 2424 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents some 900 administrative, technical, and library staff at Carleton.

Onboard Fume Events

Onboard Fume Events

When flying at altitudes higher than 8,000 feet, airplanes need to pressurize the interior cabins to allow passengers to breathe normally. Most jet-propelled airplanes achieve this pressurization by “bleeding” a small percentage of highly pressurized air from within the engines into the air circulation of the internal cabin (the exception of this is the Boeing 787).

Black History Month

On this page, you’ll find some learning resources on Black History Month – including ways for you to get more involved in fighting anti-Black racism and all discrimination.

Every February, CUPE celebrates Black History Month (also known as African Heritage Month) when we pause to reflect on the efforts of the many union activists and community organizers of African descent who lead the fight for inclusive communities and workplaces.

Tentative agreement ratified with TVA Rimouski

More than one month following a threatened lockout by TVA Rimouski, talks between the parties resumed early in the year. After a few meetings, the company offered a partial catch-up wage increase in an attempt to arrive at a final settlement. This offer resulted in a tentative agreement being reached. The catch-up wage increase was one of the major issues in negotiations.

Last Monday, February 5, employees of TVA Rimouski attended a presentation on the tentative agreement followed by a question period before voting 87 per cent in favour of the proposal by secret ballot.