Anger boils over at the Société de transport de Trois-Rivières

The work atmosphere at Société de transport de Trois-Rivières (STTR) is getting worse. At a general assembly last week, 87% of the employees voted 82% in favour of rejecting the Employer’s final offer.

“In the name of transparency, we had to present to our membership what was proposed to us. There is wage disparity with comparable positions with the City of Trois-Rivières and a major step back was taken with respect to work schedules. This is an insult to the workers!” commented a disgruntled Donald Simard, President of CUPE 4115.

With summer terms in jeopardy, York University slams door shut on talks to resolve strike

As a strike by 3,000 academic workers moves into its eleventh week, York University today appeared to slam the door shut on saving the summer terms by rejecting an urgent meeting request from Local 3903 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 3903).

“We are disappointed, but not surprised that once again, York’s actions fail to match their many public statements,” said CUPE 3903 Chairperson Devin Lefebvre.

Pay equity: A Supreme Court of Canada decision spells victory for CUPE and its allies

The Supreme Court of Canada has just ruled on the dispute pitting CUPE and its allies against the Government of Quebec. Even though the highest court in the country denied the appeal by the Attorney General of Quebec and the appeal by CUPE and its allies, today’s decision confirms the Court of Appeal decision.

The Supreme Court of Canada recognizes that the reform of the Pay Equity Act passed by the Liberals in 2009 put in place a system that codifies the denial to women of benefits tied to the value of their work, a right that men enjoy.

CUPE celebrates Supreme Court ruling on pay equity in Quebec

In a decision handed down today, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of CUPE and its allies by declaring the Liberal government’s 2009 amendments to the Quebec Pay Equity Act, which undermined women’s right to equality, as unconstitutional.

The highest court in the country sided with CUPE, affirming that retroactive pay equity and access to information for female employees must be guaranteed by the legislation.

What would Kenney scrap?

The President of CUPE Alberta is calling on UCP leader Jason Kenney to tell Albertans what programs and services he would cut to achieve a balanced budget. 

CUPE AB President Marle Roberts says you can’t talk about bringing the deficit down in isolation to the programs and people who depend upon public services.

“Which schools would he close? Which hospitals would he blow up? How many nurses, teachers and other public workers would he fire?” asked Roberts.

Pallister government’s Bill 29 will disrupt health care

The Pallister government has enacted Bill 29, The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act, an unnecessary step that will further disrupt the health care system following a year of upheaval, says CUPE, which represents 11,500 health care workers in Manitoba.

Over the past year, the government has cut health care funding, forced disruptive restructuring including deletions and layoffs on front-line workers, has closed ERs, shuttered Urgent Care Centres, axed health programs, and ignored growing health issues across Manitoba.

Liberal anti-harassment bill takes rights away from victims

The Liberal government’s workplace harassment legislation, Bill C-65, is making its final steps through the House of Commons this week. It’s a landmark achievement for all Canadians in the fight against harassment and violence, including sexual harassment and violence, in federally-regulated workplaces.

But while Bill C-65 has made important strides to improve victims’ rights, there are within it a couple of serious shortcomings that will actually take existing rights away from victims of harassment and violence at work.

Jason Kenney wants tax dollars to go to private schools

Jason Kenney’s education proposals would put tax dollars into the hands of elite private schools instead of public schools that benefit everyone. That was the message from CUPE Alberta President Marle Roberts today.

On the weekend, delegates to the United Conservative Party voted in favour of motions to increase government funding to private schools.

“Let’s get real. These are schools with tuition well out of range of regular Alberta families,” said Roberts. “Some of them are religious schools that won’t teach sex education and create hostile atmospheres for LGBT kids.