NAFTA talks must help workers, strengthen cooperation

As the Liberal government prepares to negotiate changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, CUPE is calling for a deal that protects workers, public services and the environment in all three countries.

NAFTA is a deeply flawed agreement but this renegotiation is an opportunity to make it better. CUPE’s submission to the Government of Canada calls for any changes to be guided by principles that build continental cooperation and solidarity.

Whistler RCMP support workers join CUPE 2010

Support workers at the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s RCMP detachment decided to become members of CUPE Local 2010 at a Labour Board vote counted Thursday morning.

“We are very happy to welcome this department into our local,” said CUPE 2010 Vice President Pete Rozsa. “They will now have a collective bargaining agreement which is a legal contract between the employer and the employees, instead of a handbook that has been used as a guideline.”

Tom Graham, Regional Vice-President, Saskatchewan

Tom, a city worker in Saskatoon, has been active in CUPE since 1986 when he was elected a shop steward for CUPE 859.

He was elected CUPE Saskatchewan president in 1998. The following year he was elected a Regional Vice-President on the National Executive Board.

A staunch defender of public services, Tom served as co-chair of CUPE’s National Contracting Out and Privatization Coordinating Committee.

Between 2003 and 2007, he has served as the General Vice-President on the NEB representing Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Pallister pushes P3 schools, despite growing concerns

Today the Manitoba Government announced the hiring of a private consulting firm, KPMG, to pursue the government’s plan to build four new schools in Manitoba under a Public-Private Partnership (P3) model, despite growing concern nation-wide that P3 schools end up costing more.

“Premier Pallister first announced the new P3 schools to the Canadian Council on Public Private Partnerships, P3 lobbyists,” said Terry Egan, President of CUPE Manitoba. “He did not announce the new schools to parents, school staff, or school divisions, which is quite telling of his agenda.”