CUPE joins millions across Canada – and the world – to celebrate Pride 2017

This Pride season, CUPE is pleased to applaud the Canadian Senate for passing the long‑delayed Bill C‑16 this week in Ottawa. Bill C‑16 expands the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to add gender identity and expression as prohibited grounds for discrimination.

For over 10 years, variations of this bill have been debated in Parliament. Today, we can finally celebrate the bill’s passage and take one step closer to equity and justice for all.

Passing Bill C-4 marks progress for labour protections in Canada

Bill C-4, which repeals two widely condemned aspects of the Harper government’s anti-union agenda, was passed in the Senate Wednesday and will shortly become law. The Canadian Union of Public Employees congratulates the tireless efforts of the many activists, unions and organizations around Canada who have been fighting back against these direct attempts to weaken the labour movement and the rights of workers since 2012. Specifically, Bill C-4 repeals two Conservative private members’ bills from the previous Parliament, Bills C-377 and C-525.

CUPE education workers reach agreement on Bill 115 “remedy” with provincial government

In what may be one of the largest settlements of its kind for employees who have suffered a workplace breach of Charter rights, CUPE education workers have reached an agreement on “remedy”, or financial compensation, with the provincial government. The settlement comes slightly more than a year after the Ontario Superior Court issued a decision in favour of several education unions, ruling the government’s Bill 115 unconstitutional.

Strike vote for the Trois-Rivières transit authority

At a union meeting late Sunday night, union members of the Société de Transport de Trois‑Rivières voted in favour of a strike mandate, to be triggered at the appropriate time.

Negotiations began last December for the renewal of the collective agreement that was negotiated seven years ago and that expired on December 31, 2016.

The negotiations are stalled mainly on the calculation of travel times and the employer’s request for the complete overhaul of schedules and the assignment system.

Banking on privatization: the Canada Infrastructure Bank

The Liberal government is promoting the Canada Infrastructure Bank as a new way to provide financing for public infrastructure. But it’s really a new and dangerous way for corporations to profit from public infrastructure and services. The bank will allow corporations and private lenders unprecedented access to – and power over – the infrastructure that keeps our communities safe and makes them great places to live.