Tell London’s management to show respect to ‘inside’ municipal workers

Municipal workers at the City of London are trying to reach a contract with their employer but management has been putting up roadblocks – coming to bargaining unprepared, unwilling to bargain by forcing concessions on the 750 municipal workers, which led to a lockout or strike deadline of May 23.

Now the City is trying to downplay the impact of a service shutdown even though, for example, 19,000 Ontario Works clients served by our members will be impacted if we are forced out on the picket line.

Winnipeg General Strike Remembered

WINNIPEG – Today marks the 96th anniversary of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike where over 25,000 workers walked off the job in support of fair wages, and better working conditions.

“As we draw closer to the 100th anniversary of this historic event, we are reminded of the sacrifices of those who came before us in the labour movement” said Kelly Moist, President of CUPE Manitoba “it is because of these sacrifices that we are able to continue to organize as a movement and fight for our members”.

CUPE BC launches library worker safety survey

BURNABY - CUPE represents members who work in libraries across all sectors in B.C. In recognition of the increasing number of issues coming forward, the CUPE BC Library Committee has launched a survey to look at changing health and safety conditions for CUPE members in library workplaces across B.C.

The survey will give CUPE important information about what the health and safety issues are for CUPE’s library workers. Once the results are compiled, this will be a useful tool in advocating for improvements.

Week of Action highlights voices for childcare

VANCOUVER—The Week of Action on Childcare has raised awareness about the need for fully-funded early care and learning programs in B.C. and across Canada.

Advocates have been quoted in media reports this week saying that a provincially-sponsored program would allow more parents to work and contribute to the economy, while the Rethink Child Care campaign has produced a calculator that estimates how much parents would save if they had access to $15-a-day childcare funding.

CUPE BC donates $25,000 to Nepal earthquake relief efforts

BURNABY - British Columbia’s largest union, CUPE BC, has donated $25,000 to Oxfam Canada’s relief efforts in Nepal following the second of two deadly earthquakes that have ravaged the impoverished country.

“Delegates to our recent convention unanimously passed an emergency resolution to make this donation,” said CUPE BC President Mark Hancock. “It’s even more important that we step up given the second earthquake this week that has caused so much more devastation.”

Earlier this week, Oxfam Canada issued this statement:

Public control, oversight of Hydro One ends with Bill 91, sale unlikely to produce promised revenue, legal experts say

TORONTO, ON – If the Liberal government passes its budget omnibus bill, Hydro One will no longer be public and we won’t even be able to learn details of its sale, according to two prominent legal experts. In fact, the sale won’t even produce promised revenue for infrastructure.

CUPE takes on zero spending, tax plan in Powell River

POWELL RIVER – On the eve of entering into mediation with the City of Powell River, CUPE 798 President Danielle Craigen cautioned Mayor and Council against continuing the previous council’s proposal for zero spending and tax increases to 2019.

“It always sounds like a good idea to tell people their taxes won’t be going up. But there is a high cost to a zero tax policy,” said Craigen. 

CUPE members Chalk it up for child care, call for national child care program

#VoteChildCare2015 is the message during the Week of Action for Child Care, happening right now until May 17. Today, in communities across the country, child care advocates took their message to the streets and sidewalks—literally.

Near work, homes, and government offices, supporters are Chalking it up for child care by drawing pictures and writing statements about how a national child care program would support all Canadians to work and raise children.