CUPE celebrates Black History Month

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month (also known as African Heritage month). Black History Month is a time for all Canadians to reflect and educate ourselves on the history of enslavement, discrimination, bigotry and criminalization of people of African descent. 

It is also a time to celebrate and highlight the best of Black history and culture and to honour the historic leaders of Black communities, their accomplishments and their enduring fight for freedom.

Message to Ford government, “The people of Ontario do not want cuts and privatization."

Service cuts and privatization are a failed strategy that the people of Ontario have seen far too many times, CUPE Ontario Secretary-Treasurer Candace Rennick told a pre-budget committee hearing in Peterborough today.

 “Doug Ford likes to talk about the provincial deficit, he even tried to redo the math to make it seem bigger than it is, but the fiscal problem in Ontario isn’t from spending, it’s a revenue problem,” Rennick said.