CUPE celebrates landmark decision reaffirming the Right to Strike in Québec

On Thursday, Québec’s Administrative Labour Tribunal (ALT) handed down a major decision on the right to strike of health and social services workers. In its decision, administrative judge Pierre Flageole deemed section 111.10 of the Québec Labour Code “constitutionally inoperative” in a series of crucial circumstances. This section provides for the maintenance of services at numerous institutions across Québec in the event of a strike.

Constitutional Amendments and Resolutions 2017

In accordance with article 6.11 a) of the National Constitution, constitutional amendments and resolutions are posted on CUPE’s website.
The web version of the resolutions booklet is password protected. The password is included in the official call documents that were sent to your local. You must enter the password exactly as written, including numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Trampling on Freedom of Association: The arrogance of Stephen McNeil

The McNeil Government is failing Nova Scotians by not asking the courts to test all of Bill 148 against the constitution, says CUPE Nova Scotia President Nan McFadgen.

On August 22, the McNeil Government referred parts of Bill 148, the Public Services Sustainability Act, to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal to determine the constitutionality of the legislation. However, the government only asked the court to review sections seven through 19. They excluded asking for a review of section 20 and 21 that include freezing the long-service award and strips it from future employees.