A call to national convention

Charles Fleury | CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer​

Preparations for CUPE’s 27th National Convention are well underway. The convention will be held in Vancouver from November 2 to 6. Advance notice has been sent to our chartered organizations in May, and the official convention notice will be sent no later than August 4.

It’s a wrap

​Riccardo Filippone | CUPE Communications

Parliament has adjour­ned for the summer and when it returns it will likely be a brand new parliament. With a fixed election date of October 19, it’s expected that summer will lead straight into a September election campaign.

Let’s take a quick look at the parliamentary session that was.

Food matters to patient recovery

Stella Yeadon | CUPE Communications

There is little dispute that fresh, local food, cooked in the hospital kitchen is best for sick, vulnerable and convalescing patients. It’s also best for the local economy when hospitals can source patient food from local growers and cook it from scratch in-house.

Several Ontario hospitals are doing just that; keeping it local. They’ve revamped their in-house kitchens and use more local food. Patient meals are more appetizing and less is left uneaten and thrown out.

Keep Hydro Public

Craig Saunders | CUPE Communications

Hundreds of CUPE members from locals across Ontario marched up University Avenue in Toronto one sunny day in late May. At the head of the march, CUPE leaders carried a banner reading “Keep Hydro Public.”

The provincial Liberal government spent months laying the groundwork for what has become the most criticized privatization scheme in the province’s history.

CUPE Survey

Margot Young | CUPE Communications


CUPE has been renewing our union through the Fairness Project, a comprehensive campaign to reinforce the value of union membership. It is a project to build membership skills to create an active and powerful union. The Fairness Project provides members greater opportunities to understand, engage and participate in CUPE local, regional and national campaigns.