CUPE calls on Minister Shandro to deliver promised wages to staff at seniors’ homes

Six weeks after promising a $2/hour raise for health care aides, those workers are wondering if they will ever see the wages promised by Health Minister Tyler Shandro.

CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill says BC, Ontario and Quebec responded to COVID-19 by delivering wage increases of $4/hour or more to staff, but notes Alberta can’t get it together to give smaller amounts to fewer workers.

“This minister is incompetent,” says Gill. “Even with Ottawa providing funding for wage increases, they can’t figure out how to deliver the money.”

Paramedic Services Week

During Paramedic Services Week, we take the time to thank paramedics across Canada for their work and recognize their courage and dedication.

The commitment of paramedics deserves to be celebrated every week of every year. But it is especially important at this moment, as we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paramedics put themselves at risk to serve the public every day. When most of us are running away from danger, they are running towards it. This is even truer today with COVID-19.

Mark Hancock calls on Trudeau to fix long-term care now

CUPE National President Mark Hancock wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week, calling on him to fix Canada’s broken long-term care system now.

CUPE represents 65,000 workers in long-term care across Canada, and Hancock has pledged to fight to improve their working conditions and the living conditions of care home residents.

In the coming weeks, CUPE National will launch a Canada-wide campaign to mobilize Canadians and put pressure on elected representatives to fix long-term care and give residents and workers alike the security and dignity they deserve.

CUPE Ontario and AMO make joint appeal for funding of municipal governments

CUPE Ontario and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) have joined forces in a first-ever joint letter to the Premier and the Minister of Municipal Affairs seeking urgent financial help for struggling municipal governments.
The President of CUPE Ontario, which represents 80,000 municipal employees, Fred Hahn, and the President of AMO, which represents most of the province’s 440 municipal councils, Jamie McGarvey, detailed the dire situation for local governments.