CUPE 409 K-12 workers reach tentative agreement in New Westminster

CUPE 409, K-12 support workers in New Westminster, reached a tentative agreement with SD40 Board of Education on Wednesday evening. The local began bargaining in January and reached the agreement after ten bargaining sessions.

“This agreement is superior to any of the other settlements we were able to achieve since 2000,” said CUPE 409 President Marcel Marsolais. “Our bargaining committee is recommending that our members vote to ratify the agreement.”  

Legal Aid workers file for impasse as employer refuses to move forward

After two years of attempting to negotiate with an employer that has been stalling and demanding significant concessions, CUPE Local 1949, which represents the more than 130 lawyers and administrative staff who work at Saskatchewan Legal Aid offices across the province advised the Minister of Labour that negotiations have reached an impasse.

CUPE 2450 K-12 workers reach tentative agreement with Arrow Lakes School District

Mutual respect at the bargaining table and a marathon session lasting until 3 am culminated in a tentative agreement for CUPE 2450 K-12 support workers on June 6. CUPE 2450 and British Columbia School District 10 began bargaining in May.

“Bargaining was really positive,” said CUPE 2450 bargaining Chair Kim Reich. “We certainly had our agenda and we were able to attain some good gains for members, without any concessions.”