CUPE celebrates library month

October is Canadian Library Month, a time to celebrate library workers and the vital public services they provide to all Canadians. 

Library workers deliver quality programs and services that are at the heart of the community. But library workers face challenges that negatively impact service delivery including reduced funding, program and service cuts, reduced staffing levels, increased workloads, and precarious work. But library workers are fighting back and winning!

Your vote matters

There’s still time to get out to the polls if you haven’t done so already today. And even if you aren’t registered to vote, don’t worry! You can walk into your polling station and register on the spot.

Elections Canada has all the information you need to find out where your polling station is, what you need to bring and more.

CUPE shocked Liberals will re-up attack on pensions if re-elected

Canada’s largest union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, is shocked and outraged at reports that the Liberal Party will revive its attack on good pensions if re-elected.

In the last Parliament, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled Bill C-27, which would allow employers to walk away from their pension promises to workers and retirees, and convert good, dependable “defined benefit” pension plans into risky, unreliable “target benefit” plans.