A new report on literacy and essential skills

A new report produced for CUPE entitled Influences: Lessons from policy and practices in literacy and essential skills in Canada, 1990-2019, explores the numerous issues dealing with literacy and essential skills and the evolution of these concepts in the past thirty years. It also analyzes trends with respect to government policies and their impacts on workers, learners, and the communities affected.

National President's Report - December 2019

Sisters, Brothers and Friends:

As always, it’s been a busy few months!

I know CUPE members and leaders across the country have been hard at work ensuring their members are well-represented, whether at grievance meetings or at the bargaining table, as well as protecting their interests at city council chambers and provincial legislatures.

Which is why I am grateful that so many of you made the trip to Montréal in October to participate in our 29th biennial National Convention.

National Convention