Stop Bill C-27

Mark Janson | CUPE Research

On the one-year anniversary of their election, the Trudeau Liberals introduced a controversial piece of pension legislation, Bill C-27, to the House of Commons. They did this very, very quietly. They didn’t put out a press release, or tweet out a single tweet. Not even a selfie!

TSB Finding & Federal Court of Appeal Ruling Major Wins for CUPE

CUPE has consistently fought against the 1:50 regulatory change that was ushered in by the federal government in 2015. The increase in the flight attendant to passenger ratio from 1:40 to 1:50 means that there are fewer cabin safety personnel on flights to respond to emergency situations. This constitutes an unnecessary and unacceptable risk for passengers and cabin crew.

A recent Transport Safety Board of Canada (TSB) finding and a Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) ruling both support CUPE’s concerns and the ongoing challenge to the 1:50 ratio.