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Daun Frederickson

Daun has worked for the Delta School District for 15 years as an Education Assistant. Before becoming an EA, Daun was a business manager and owner. She has an education in Business Management, Communication and Office Administration. Daun has a passion for helping people. She is known to have a voice for those who do not, and has proven herself to be an advocate for all. For the past 5 years Daun has been a Shop Steward, currently EA Unit Chair, member of multiple committees including the EA Social, EMCC, CUPEBC K-12, and a CUPE Metro Member. In her Union roles, Daun built strong, trusting relationships and supported members in every Unit.

A Union President must defend the rights of workers, be a trusted colleague, sister, friend, and an advocate for change; Daun works each day to model these qualities in her current leadership roles in both the Union and as an EA. Daun knows that change happens when people stand up together to make a difference. As your President, Daun’s main focuses will be safety in the workplace, educating members of their rights based on the Collective Agreement, and creating a Diverse, Equal, and Inclusive Union for all members. Daun will work to bring stronger communication between members and the executive and listen to member concerns. Daun’s extensive background and strong instincts in human behaviour and communication will be an incredible asset as President.

As a Shop Steward, members have learned that they can count on Daun to be transparent, compassionate, trustworthy and to support the rights of workers. Daun’s education and Union accomplishments give her the skills needed to be a successful President. Daun believes the strength of the Union is its members. She pledges to work every day to ensure members know their President is here to listen, provide access to a safe and supportive Union, and set the standard for what you expect in your President.

Daun is ready to provide activism, passion, and fighting spirit for the rights of all Support Staff. Let the work of this President begin. In Solidarity.

Patti Price

Sisters, Brothers & Friends
I am running for re-election for a 4th term as President of CUPE Local 1091. I have served proudly as your full time officer for the past 6 years. Previously to becoming President I served as 1st Vice President for 15 years. I have been a member of Local 1091 since 1977 and have participated in the business of the Local in many capacities both as a member and as an elected officer.

Since becoming President in 2014 I have worked diligently to build good relationships with all of our District stakeholders including its Executive leaders, elected Trustees, Delta Teachers’ Association, DPAC and DPVP Associations. Building and maintaining those relationships has taken time and hard work, but they allow our Local to be a trusted voice that is clearly heard at the table when decisions are being made about issues and changes that could have an impact on our members and our jobs. I have also been able to bring the voice of our Local to other organizations like the K-12 Presidents’ Council; the School Board Co-ordinating Committee and the Metro Vancouver District Council.

In addition to all of the regular duties that are required of the President of our Local I have also been able to support the work of CUPE BC as a Trustee for the Division and as a Trustee on the Municipal Pension Plan. I have also just been re-elected to a 4th term as Treasurer of the Metro Vancouver District Council.
Bringing this Local through these challenging times, including the COVID 19 pandemic, will require a leader who is dedicated, reliable, trusted, honest and transparent. Someone who has the necessary skills and experience to support the membership as a whole. Someone who believes that every member has a voice and that they have a right to be heard.

I believe I am that leader. I am asking for your vote this June so that I can continue to support you and keep our Local engaged as we move forward over the next two years and beyond.

In solidarity. Patti Price.

2nd Vice President
Deborah Kabesh

I have 10 years of experience as an Education Assistant with the Delta School District.
As an EA, parent and active Delta community member, I have always been cognizant of the needs of others. I am a non-judgmental listener and am willing to support others by helping them find a voice to speak up for their rights or am willing to stand and advocate for them.

I value truth and transparency and the rights to equality, education, and safety ( physical and emotional) for all.
My decision to become more active in the union became apparent when I realized solidarity was the best avenue to effectively work towards making the necessary changes to ensure the well-being of our staff and students. My organized-eye for detail, along with my dedication to inclusion and advocacy, have been well utilized while serving my brothers and sisters in my roles of site CUPE rep, First Aid attendant, SOGI rep, CUPE rep for onsite OH&S committee as well as a member of the CUPE EA Social Committee and Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee (JEMC).

My belief in the power of knowledge has driven me to offer mentorship to many EA practicum students, organize and present at ProD workshops at various schools and conferences, and join the ProD day planning committee for district staff.

The role of 2nd VP includes a focus on my passion for the value of all members having access to appropriate and useful training in order to perform their duties safely. I strongly uphold the importance of providing a range of educational seminars relevant to all aspects of a member’s life including orientation, physical and mental wellness all the way up to planning for retirement.
I would be honored to have your support and the opportunity to ensure that you are provided with engaging professional development and training opportunities that you feel are relevant to your needs.

2nd Vice President
Jasbir Singh

Sisters and Brothers,

My name is Jasbir Singh and i am the Custodial Leadhand at Gray Elementary.
I am also a Shop Stewart from the Custodial unit. I have been your 2nd Vice President for the last 3 years.

During that time, I have always been your voice against job cutbacks, safe and better working conditions in school and decent wages and benefits for our members.

I was also in the bargaining team representing our members in the last round of bargaining. I will continue doing this for as long as I can and would like to thank you all for your support. In solidarity.