Nominations for the following positions on the Executive Board of CUPE Local 1091 will be received at the May 27th General Membership Meeting:
1st Vice President, 2 year term
2nd Vice President,1 year term
3rd Vice President, 2 year term
Secretary-Treasurer, 2 year term.
Nominations will also be received for the following Non-Executive positions:
Trustee, 3 year term
Trustee, 1 year term
Sergeant-at-Arms, 1 year term

By-Laws Section 9 – Nomination, Election and Installation of Executive Board, Trustees and Sergeant at Arms.
(b) (i) – To be eligible for nomination, a member shall have attended at least fifty percent (50%) of the membership meetings held in the previous twelve months.
(c) No nomination shall be accepted unless the member is in attendance at the meeting or if absent has allowed to be filed at the meeting the member’s consent to stand in writing, duly witnessed by another member.