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International Women’s Day 2019 – a statement from CUPE BC

Equality is a core principle of the labour movement in British Columbia, Canada and around the world, and women activists have been at the forefront of the collective effort to put that principle into action. To mark International Women’s Day this year, CUPE BC urges all activists and leaders in the progressive movement to learn more about the history of women activists in British Columbia.

CUPE National News

Quebec budget: investment in home care, fears about the private sector's role

CUPE welcomes the 5-year $1.5 billion investment earmarked for home care in the budget tabled March 21 by Quebec Finance Minister, Éric Girard. These investments are a necessary step toward rebuilding the public health and social services system that was rocked by the Barrette-Couillard one-two punch. However, the government is clearly unwilling to funnel this money into the public system and can hire more support workers.

SK Budget barely balanced but on the back of working people and public services

Yesterday’s budget delivered disappointment and disrespect for working people and public services of Saskatchewan, says CUPE Saskatchewan.

“This budget continues the drastic underfunding of our public services while corporations and high-income earners continue to get off the hook by not paying their fair share,” said Tom Graham, President of CUPE Saskatchewan.  “And let me be crystal clear: It was not this government that balanced the budget, but the working people of Saskatchewan who have had to pay more and get less.”

Saskatchewan budget is balanced in favour of bureaucracy, at the expense of front line care

Saskatchwan’s newest provincial budget is balanced in favour of bureaucracy, at the expense of front line care, says CUPE 5430.

The merger of 12 health regions into the Saskatchewan Health Authority was predicted to save $20 million annually, with all savings being directed to front line care.  But there is little evidence to show that such cost savings were realized.

World Water Day

Public water and wastewater services are vital to our lives and are fundamental human rights. These services are the foundation of safe and healthy communities. On March 22, CUPE members and our local and international allies recommit to protecting water and wastewater services from privatization and strengthening these services for future generations. 

Read more about World Water Day 2019.


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